Amerimec Consulting Services

At AMERIMEC we understand that simply selling and servicing your capital investment is only part of the profit puzzle. We strive to provide you with the best practices and skills to maximize you investment to make your company efficient and profitable. Equipment and staffing is only the beginning. Without effective strategies and management your investment will not reach it's maximum potential and that's where we come in. Let us know your challenge and we will provide the program to take you to the next level in the stone industry.

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Production Management

After an initial consultation we will provide you with a tailored program to help increase utilization of equipment and maximize output. Our program is proven to increase profit and provide you with actionable items to improve your business

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Finance & Executive Management

AMERIMEC'S financial and management programs offer an initial analysis that will determine areas of need that we will improve together. Weather it is cash flow, exit ramp strategy, or maximizing profit we have a program that fits your organization. From the foundation to the ceiling we work with all organizations no matter the size no matter the goal.


Sales & Sales management

You can have the top of the line equipment and processes but without an effective go to market strategy you will never reach your organization's full potential. With over sixty years of successful experience in sales and sales management we are second to none in helping organizations create a  world class sales team. We can improve your sales and sales management skills no matter the level you are at today.